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How did you first hear of us? For instance, did you Goggle us on the Internet or through a reference from someone?

Why do you think the Havanese breed is best suited for you and your family?

Have you ever seen a Havanese before and if so, where and when?

In your research, what have you come to know about the Havanese?

What one thing most attracted you to the Havanese?

What single thing do you believe will provide your greatest challenge with your new Havanese?

Have you ever taken a dog to obedience training or handling classes?

What do you like most about dogs?

What do you dislike most about dogs?

What do you think are the most important ways to keep a dog happy, obedient and well loved?

What type of activities do you plan on doing with your new dog?

Do you have a fenced in backyard for the dog to play in?

Where would the dog be when you are at work?

Where do you plan on having the dog sleep at night?

Do you have any children at home? If so, what ages and what exposure have they had with dogs?

How do you plan on accommodating the dog if you travel or go away on holidays?

Do you currently have a Vet? If so, can you provide contact information?

Under what conditions would you put a dog to sleep?

Under what conditions would you ever sell a dog?

Do you have any puppy sex preferences? Why?

How do you plan on housebreaking your new puppy?

How would you handle the puppy chewing on your furniture or shoes?

How would you deal with your puppy crying at night?

What would you do if you had to move and could not take your Havanese with you?

How do you plan on dealing with incorrect behavior in your puppy?

Tell me as much as you can about why you want a Havanese for a new playmate?


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Any questions? You can always e-mail me at nancyd@me.com or call me at (317) 844-7135.

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Nancy Dwyer